Need help training your hunting dogs? At Broken Sky Kennels we take great pride in our abilities to train hunting dogs at all levels. Contact us today to enter your hunting dog into one of our programs.

Fees - $650.00 per month/Food will be provided.
Payment for 1st month will be due at time of drop off.
Unforeseen and emergency vet bills will be at the owner's expense.

To ensure a clean and safe kennel environment, dogs must have a current vaccination record before entering the facility.

Dogs without current health record will be taken into a veterinarian for any vaccinations they may be missing at owner's expenses. This is for the protection of all the dogs on the training grounds.

Hunt test handling fees: $40 on Passing or Qualified test scores plus travel expenses incurred. Travel expenses incurred will be split evenly among all dogs entered in the event.


3-5 month program (minimum age - 6 months to get started) an extended stay is recommended to ensure thorough training for hunting dogs.


Using voice and whistle commands include:

  • Here
  • Sit
  • Heel
  • Kennel
  • Deliver to hand (force fetch)
  • Single Marked Retrieves
  • Collar Conditioning
  • Introduction to cover
  • Introduction to Live Birds
  • Introduction to gun fire


Length of program depends on ability of dog & level desired by owner

  • Hunt fallen birds
  • Multiple marked retrieves
  • Blinds/Quartering
  • Steadying to shot
  • Handling/Casting
  • Honoring

Boarding Option - $20.00 per day. Animals must be picked up before 10:00 a.m. or an additional day charge will be accessed.

Brokensky Kennels is an active member of the HRC. This video clip is a Hunting Retriever test on the Grand Mesa in southern Colorado. It showcases Brokensky Kennels golden 'Emma' and other dogs participating in a Finished level test.

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