Hi Tracy,

Tracy, this is Ryan Martin from NY. I just wanted to drop in and let you know how things have been going. Henry is nearing 9 months. Has the makings to be a really good one. Training is going well. He has done everything I have asked of him. Marks, blinds, honoring, casting, etc. He does very well. Have recently started FF but taking it slow.

I was very hesitant on hunting him this early but gave him the opportunity on a couple small hunts and he did great. His drive is incredible and has figured out how to deal with Canadas. All in all, very pleased with him. Hope to run some tests in the future but with hunting season here now I just ran out of time.

Again thank you for everything.

Hi Tracy,

Just an update on our darling Lola!  Our goal, obviously, was to get a well-bred Golden.  And now that Lola is a year & a half years old, I think I owe you her latest news.

You may have sensed that I (as the "mom") desired more of a pet-quality dog.  Well, she did not even get to hunt this last season, due to the big lack of pheasants in our area, and Lola's "dad's" lack of time to take her out for such adventures!  Even so, she is the most beautiful, obedient, sensitive and socially appropriate Golden Retriever I have ever had.  And, I might add, this is not MY first rodeo.  I have had several Goldens!

So I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful, loving and, might I say, friggin BRILLIANT little bitch you bred!!

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!  Love love love this dog!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Tracy,

Abby keeping an eye out for ducks. She has picked up 41 ducks a couple of which were absurdly hard. She has not lost a duck this season. Old dog is at 5202 ducks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Tracy,

We love Jack! Thank you for such a great puppy! :)



Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the black lab pup we bought from you last Christmas.(2009) We have had him out hunting this season and he is amazing. I wasn't sure what to expect since he is just a little over a year old, but boy were we surprised. He has already retrieved 12 ducks and 13 geese and its only been 10 days! The ducks have all been out of the water and the geese from the field. This dog loves the water and will retrieve out of it all day. Guns don't bother him at all. When ever we go to the field to hunt he is always right with us, doesn't run off. Very well mannered dog and not hyper like some of my buddies labs. I would recommend these dogs to anybody that wants a good hunting dog and a great companion. All my friends have been very impressed with our black lab. Thank you Broken Sky Kennels and Tracy Todd for adding a great dog to our family. Feel free to give my number out to anyone who wants my opinion on the BEST labs around!! Thanks!

Aaron G. Madsen

To Whom It May Concern:

We were interested in purchasing a pup to be a house pet and a hunting water dog. We purchased a black lab pup from Tracy Todd and our pup is now 14 months old. He is everything we hoped he would be; a very good and soft-hearted pet and remarkably a good hunting dog also, considering it's only his first hunting season. We took him back to Tracy for hunting training when he was 8 months old, and Tracy kept him and worked with him for approximately 3 months. Our dog definitely knows the difference between work and play and gives both his all.

I would recommend Tracy's good breed dogs and also recommend the phenomenal training Tracy is capable of.

Jon & Luci Steffen

To Whom It May Concern:

Absolutely love the pup. We purchase a Golden pup from Tracy on 8-25-10 from his Emma x Striker breeding and we could not be happier with him. This dog has a calm disposition and a great personality. He loves everyone, strangers included. I have hunted and trained gundogs since I was a teenager and this pup may be one if the most biddable pups I have worked with at this age. He is showing a good nose and a tremendous drive to retrieve with a soft mouth. He has great potential and is a good looking dog to boot.

Tracy runs a very professional operation and was extremely easy to work with. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Scott and Virginia Craig
Mount Vernon, IA


Wow! Eve and I can't tell you how happy we are with the new Golden pup! She's beautiful, very intelligent, a quick learner and really wants to please. She's already nailed some basics (and the "No" word of course!). Kindergarten is so much fun, everything's a game and she's loves to play! And talk about retrieve instincts - she's wears me out, even at 10 weeks (dummies, wings and of course, those tennis balls!). We've already had her on a few chukar with our other Golden's - she's very curious, loves huntin' with the big dogs, has those birdy instincts, not afraid of anything, and going to be quite athletic I think. Lots of Go! Even for a pup. Two speeds - full on and full off! No water yet - a tad too cold and icy in February!

We registered her as "Striker's High Country Peach". "Peaches" will be a real dandy I think. If we do the work, she'll be ready to roll for her first fall pheasant hunts (and maybe a few waterfowl hunts). I want to thank you again for helping us find the right dog for our needs. She's already a core part of our family and on her way to becoming a super Upland Dog. She's definitely got the stuff great Field Golden's are made of and a very loving disposition - a perfect fit for her and us! We'll be sure to send a few pics and drop by your ranch this fall on one of our pheasant adventures so you can take a look at Echo and Striker's handy-work!

Thanks Again,

Ken and Eve Tarbett
Wellington, CO

To Whom It May Concern:

After having to put my lab of 12 years down due to cancer I was searching for a new pup for hunting and for my family. Tracy was extremely helpful, patient and most importantly HONEST in answering with all my questions. I was looking for a pup that not only had a great hunting background but one with a temperament that could deal with two small children as well. Tracy's Broken Sky Kennel labs were just what I was looking for. At 12 weeks my male yellow lab is calm and well socialized when in the house with the kids and outside he has enough drive and intelligence to be working single marks and whistle commands on "sit" and "come". He does this not only for me but for my 6 year old daughter as well!! So far I am very pleased with him and I am sure that with a summers worth of work he will be more then ready for his first season this fall. Tracy has put allot of thought into his breeding program and takes a tremendous amount of pride in his dogs and their accomplishments. I would highly recommend Broken Sky Kennels.

Casey Walker

To Whom It May Concern:

We recently purchased a Golden Retriever female puppy from Broken Sky Kennels. We are delighted with the new addition to our family and highly recommend Tracy and his crew at Broken Sky. In anticipation of meeting our new puppy, Tracy kept us updated with photos. During our waiting period Tracy offered us a health contract, which laid out the terms of our arrangements regarding the health of the pups from his kennel. Whenever we had questions regarding what to feed, how to train, or any other puppy related question all I had to do was to pick up the phone and call Tracy. Additionally, Broken Sky offered to implant a microchip for a reasonable charge, leaving one less item for us to arrange.

We live approximately 325 miles from Broken Sky Kennels and work full time so when it came time to get our new pup, Tracy was again very accommodating meeting my friend, who bought a sister pup, at a designated location. Both dogs were very well groomed and in good spirits when the dogs were picked up. Tracy had all the medical information ready.

It has been about a month since our puppy joined us. The energy she brings to our early training sessions makes it easy for me to work with her.

We are very pleased with our new family member. She is a delight. Without hesitation we recommend Broken Sky Kennels for anyone in search of a new dog. I am looking forward to the 2011-hunting season to spend time with my new hunting companion.

John and Nancy Shadle
Columbus Nebraska

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