Planned Breeding

These AKC bloodlines are designed to improve the hunting dog breed. It is a goal of Broken Sky Kennels that Golden Retrievers and Labrador retriever puppies are of the highest quality. All of our AKC dogs in the breeding program has superior blood lines and has been individually trained for success in the field.

Golden Retrievers are always in great demand. As a result, we are dedicated to producing quality Golden retriever puppies. As Golden Retriever and Labrador breeders we have a true passion and devotion to the breeds and spend a great deal of time, effort and financial commitment to fulfill the ultimate goal of breeding the best quality Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

Responsible Labrador breeders conduct a variety of genetic tests to determine if breeding a specific dog is good enough to be incorporated into the breeding plan. The individual dogs suitability to reproduce will be dependent upon a number of additional factors as well: the physical structure of the AKC dog, the temperament, trainability, and the desire to retrieve. All of these things come into play when determining as to whether or not the dog will "make the grade."

Health and Welfare of our Golden Retrievers

All Golden retrievers must receive proper exercise and attention and be kept under sanitary conditions. They shall be given health protection through regular worming, regular inoculations and proper nutrition.

Breeding Date: Puppies expected to arrive on April 27th       
Asking: $1700 Limited Registration



Titan's Pedigree

Swamp Collie Info



View Pedigree (pdf)


Missy's OFA clearances

  • Eyes - Clear
  • Hips - Excellent
  • Elbows - Normal
  • Heart - Normal
  • PRA - Normal/Clear
  • GR_PRA1 - Normal/Clear
  • GR_PRA2 - Normal/Clear
  • Ichthyosis - Carrier

DIXIE & TITAN        Breeding Date:Summer 2019       Asking: $2000

Koda            Koda

Dixie's Pedigree (pdf)

Dixie's Health Clearance




Titan's Pedigree

Swamp Collie Info
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